It is a well-known fact that TRAINING is essential for the existence and prosperity of a company. Stephen Covey in his book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, relates the story of a man, walking in the forest and saw a man struggling to chop down a tree.

“Why are you struggling to chop down the tree?” asked the man curiously. “My blade is blunt,” answered the man. “Why don’t you sharpen your blade?” asked the other man surprised. “I don’t have time,” answered the man. “I have to chop down the tree now.” Ridiculous story?

How many companies just haven’t got the time to “sharpen their blades?” Quote: If you think training is expensive, try the cost of ignorance.

The Academy of Coaching and Training (ACT) offers training and development interventions for small to large companies in the form of practical training workshops, conferences, on-the-job training and coaching and mentoring by top International and National presenters like Dr Denise Bjorkman, Dr Norman Faull, Dr Peter Tobin and many more.

Training Workshops
ACT provides every imaginable training a company or organisation needs or wants. Read More
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ACT zooms in on your specific needs and combines all resources ACT has to develop an intervention that will immediately produce spectacular results. Read More
Impressive list of Associate
Dr Denise Bjorkman – Neuro Science & how to influence other people. Yolanda Singh – – Your greatest teacher might just be a horse. Read More
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Upcoming Event at DCCI – Performance Management – 21 & 21 Oct

The Durban Chamber in partnership with George Werner will be hosting a two days Workshop on Performance Management. Benefits: – This is a complete well-structured, practical system with documents and templates thatRead More...
By : admin | Aug 26, 2015

Effective Report Writing – 17 & 18 Sept 2015

Our Latest Course Run at the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry  Very few people like to write reports. This workshop will not only make it very easy for you to write reports,Read More...
By : admin | Aug 20, 2015

Course Run at the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Intelligent Business Problem Solving Workshop – 22 May

This brilliant thinking process is seen by many as the “Rolls Royce” of all problem solving processes for its simplicity and ease of use. Root Cause Analysis ( RCA) IS A POPULARRead More...
By : admin | Aug 20, 2015